MeDevIS (Priority Medical Devices Information System) is an open access WHO electronic database of Medical Devices.

MeDevIS (Priority Medical Devices Information System) is an open access WHO electronic database of Medical Devices.

Background: WHO was requested, in World Health Assembly resolution WHA60.29 to “establish and update an evidence web-based health technologies database to serve as a clearinghouse which will provide guidance on appropriate medical devices according to the levels of care, setting and intended health intervention, which can be tailored to the specific needs of country or region”.

The methodology to select the priority medical devices was defined in the WHO publication Medical devices: managing the mismatch define the disease or health condition, the expert group reviews evidence based guidelines and care pathways, defines which are priority interventions to prevent,  screen, diagnose, treat, monitor, rehabilitate and palliate, and then selects, based on latest evidence, which medical devices are required for the specific intervention; this list is circulated for consultation and published.

The objective is that Member States, institutions, donors, can use these WHO Priority Medical Devices List as a reference to develop or update their national lists for procurement, reimbursement, planning facilities or defining which medical devices are required to address their benefits package for  universal health care coverage,  response to outbreaks and emergencies and the wellness of their population.

The WHO publications which are the basis of MeDevIS are:

Each of these publications describes the medical devices that are required to manage interventions across different levels of health in order to positively affect accessibility, appropriateness and affordability to medical prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation around the world. With the onset of the SARS-COV-2 pandemic in 2020, the priority devices for COVID-19 response have been included and a technical publication rapidly finalized.

Being an online electronic database MeDevIS is the companion to the books, making it easier to search and access these devices, giving comprehensive and detailed information about them and interlinking them with interventions, other medical devices, and other features, such as technical specifications, when available. It allows users to search, filter and download information in an easy way.

More information on the process and related publications are described in the WHO website: Prioritizing medical devices

The actual MeDevIS is a a beta version

MeDevIS is offered to the public as a freely available resource, contents are available under the Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 3.0 IGO.


The project was developed under the overall coordination of Adriana Velazquez Berumen, Team Lead, Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostics, of the Health Product Policy and Standards Department of the Access to Medicines and Health Products Division, WHO.

Technical support was provided by international consultants working in the medical devices area: structure of the database and medical devices for cancer by Mario Forjaz Secca (Mozambique), with support from: Francesco Ribolzi, (Italy), technical specifications and medical devices for COVID-19 ; Laura López Meneses (Mexico), medical devices for reproductive, maternal, new born and child care; Antonio Migliore (Italy), clinical guidelines; Dinsie Williams (Sierra Leone /Canada), medical devices for diabetes and cardiovascular; Eunice Lourenço (Portugal), European regulatory information; Kim Walker, Terrie Reed and Tomas Dardet (USA), USA regulatory information; Valeria Montant, Fernando Prieto (Mexico), and Cesar Vieira (Portugal), clinical interventions; Ricardo Silva (Venezuela) link to universal health coverage compendium database; and Nicolò Binello (Italy), health-care settings, service delivery platform definition and medical devices nomenclature, clinical interventions and other clinical variables revision.

Moreover, the following Italian Company, Hospitals and related staff and managers collaborated in MeDevIS project by managing and providing access to their medical devices to produce the medical images currently included in the Priority Medical Devices platform, as follows: MedTech Projects Srl company, with Stefano Bergamasco (project coordinator); Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo di Pavia (http://www.sanmatteo.org), with Paolo Lago and Beatrice Boarin; and IRCCS Centro di Riferimento Oncologico di Aviano (https://www.cro.sanita.fvg.it), with Martina De Luca and Giuseppe Fasano.

Design and construction of the web platform was done by Evidence Prime, coordinated by Artur Nowak, with the help of Helen Dietl and Kuba Kulesza.