Mask, oxygen, partial-rebreathing

Alternative names
Non-rebreathing/partial rebreathing oxygen face mask
WHO list of priority medical devices
General vs. specific use (health condition)
Type of medical device or related product
EMDN related* code(s)
GMDN related* code(s)
37591 CPAP/BPAP nasal mask, single-use
35171 Rebreathing oxygen face mask
62179 Capnography oxygen mask
35173 Non-rebreathing oxygen face mask
36066 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation mask, reusable
UMDNS related* code(s)
40929 Masks Air-Oxygen Positive Airway Pressure Unit
12448 Masks Air-Oxygen
12452 Masks Air-Oxygen Venturi
12450 Masks Air-Oxygen Nonrebreathing
17170 Masks Resuscitator
UNSPSC related* code(s)
42271708 Medical oxygen masks or parts
42272213 Continuous positive airway pressure CPAP masks or straps
42272303 Resuscitation masks
gases (Oxygen)
Level of technical knowledge