Cystoscope, rigid

Cystoscope, rigid
WHO list of priority medical devices
General vs. specific use (health condition)
Primary use
Type of medical device or related product
EMDN related* code(s)
GMDN related* code(s)
17145 Rigid cystoscope
37084 Rigid endoscope telescope
35980 Flexible fibreoptic cystoscope
37090 Endoscope assembly adaptor
36652 Rigid cystourethroscope
61728 Flexible video cystoscope, single-use
UMDNS related* code(s)
17145 Cystoscopes, Rigid
11112 Cystoscopes
12081 Hysteroscopes
17144 Cystoscopes, Flexible
23491 Cystoscopes, Flexible, Video
23504 Endoscopic Telescopes
UNSPSC related* code(s)
42296311 Cystoscopes or cystourethroscopes
42296323 Laparoscopes or laparoscopic telescopes
electricity (mains)
Level of technical knowledge